2018 fall Classes

For more information, any questions or to register, call Sheryl at 651-500-3214 or email sherclog@yahoo.com


Starting September 10th - Monday Evenings  - St. Croix Falls Studio

Mom/Dad & Me Movement to Music (1 1/2 - 3 yrs) 11-11:30am  $35/mth/dancer

Baby Ballerinas (3 - 5yrs) 11:30am-12pm  $35/mth/dancer

New Beg Clog Senior Citizens 12:00-12:30pm $7/wk/dancer

EZ Intermediate Clog Senior Citizens 12:30-1:30pm $10/wk/dancer

Mom/Dad & Me (3 wk session - Sept 10, 17, 24) 5:15-5:45pm $28

Minis Clog (4-6 yrs) 5:45-6:15pm  $35/mth/dancer

Intermediate Clog 6:15-7pm  $40/mth/dancer

Precomp (kids) 7-7:30pm  $45/mth/dancer

Adult Beg Clog  7:30-8:15pm  $40/mth/dancer


Starting September 5th - Wednesday Evenings - Taylors Falls, MN Community Center

Baby Ballerinas (3-7yrs) 5:45-6:15pm  $35/mth/dancer

Minis Clog (3-6 yrs) 6:15-6:45pm  $35/mth/dancer

New Beginner Clog (6yrs-Adult) 6:45-7:15pm  $35/mth/dancer

Intermediate Clog (Mixed Ages) 7:15-8pm  $40/mth/dancer

Advanced Clog $35/mth/dancer


Starting September 6th - Thursday Evening - KIDS NIGHT!!! - St Croix Falls Studio

New KIDS Beg Clog (6-16yrs) 4:45-5:15pm  $35/mth/dancer

EZ Intermediate Clog KIDS  5:15-6pm

EZ Hip Hop KIDS 6-6:30pm  $35/mth/dancer

Fitness Class 6:30-7:15pm  $35/mth/dancer

Int-Contemp/Jazz (9-18yrs)  7:15-8pm  $40/mth/dancer

Int-Hip Hop (9-18yrs)  8-8:45pm  $40/mth/dancer


Starting September 8th - Saturday - St Croix Falls Studio

Mom/Dad & Me (1 1/2yrs-3yrs) 9-9:30am  $35/mth/dancer

Minis Clog (4-6yrs) 9:30-10am  $35/mth/dancer

Baby Ballerinas/Tap (4-7yrs) 10-10:45am  $40/mth/dancer

Clogging (Mixed Ages 6yrs-Adult) 10:45-11:30am  $40/mth/dancer

Ballet Technique (8-18yrs) 11:30am-12:15pm  $40/mth/dancer

Lyrical (8-18yrs) 12:15-1pm  $40/mth/dancer


Clogging Premier classes - contact Sheryl Baker if interested in joining The Clogging Premier.


* Family Discount - Full price for first 2 family members, 1/2 price for any additional family members.